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Hines Law Office, PLC, has over 28 years of experience handling Virginia work injury claims.  Virginia workers' compensation claims can be very complex, and Hines Law Office, PLC, is available to help you navigate through the maze of workers compensation law. 


When a worker is injured, the employer will usually take a statement and complete a written report about the injury.  Many injured workers mistakenly believe this action by the employer starts the claim process.  However, the worker must file  a Claim for Benefits form in order to start the claim process and it must be filed within two (2) years of the date of injury.  Even if the employer is paying the employee after their injury, a claim must still be filed to protect the workers' rights. 


Hines Law Office, PLC, has handled hundreds of Virginia Workers' compensation claims and has the experience needed to help you be successful on your claim.  Hines Law Office, PLC, can assist you in obtaining such benefits such as medical care, wage loss, mileage and expenses, and compensation for permanent impairment.  


If you have been injured at work in the Southwest Virginia area, give Hines Law Office, PLC, a call today.  Most of the work on the case can be handled by telephone and email.  Please call today at (276) 346-4350 or email at

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