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One of the most personal and emotional areas of the law involves family law matters.  When faced with a family law issue, you need someone who has the experience necessary to help you be successful on your claim.  Hines Law Office, PLC, has 28 years experience in successfully handling family law matters. 


What kinds of family law issues does Hines Law Office, PLC, handle?  We are available to assist you in the following types of cases:  (1) divorce (2) separation  (3) child custody (4) child visitation (5) guardianships and (6) GAL for children or parents.  


For most people, no legal challenge you face will have more consequences in your life than those that require protecting the rights of you and your family.  It is important that you have experienced legal counsel on your side as you fight to protect the rights of you and your family members. 


If you have a family law matter requiring legal representation in the Southwest Virginia area, give Hines Law Office, PLC, a call today.  Most of the work on the case can be handled by

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