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Hines Law Office, PLC, has over 28 years of experience handling Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) claims.  Hines Law Office, PLC, is available to help you successfully file and prosecute your claim from the hearing level.


Disability claims follow a process that starts with filing a claim with the client's local Social Security office.  Once the claim is filed, the Social Security Administration (SSA) will review client supplied information along with medical records and make an initial determination on your claim.  If the initial decision is a denial, Hines Law Office, PLC, will file an appeal and aske the SSA to reconsider their decision.  If the second decision is also a denial, an appeal and request for hearing will be filed.  The hearing level is usually the best chance for a claimant to be found disabled. 


There are several important factors to understand when filing a disability claim.  The first is that these cases are heavily dependent on medical evidence and being able to produce records from treating sources is imperative.  The second factor deals with the claimant's age.  Claimant's age 50 and over have the best chance to meet the disability guidelines.  IF YOU ARE AGE 50 OR OLDER AND HAVE DISABLING MEDICAL CONDITIONS, HINES LAW OFFICE, PLC, STANDS READY AND WILLING TO ASSIST YOU ON YOUR CLAIM.


Hines Law Office, PLC, has handled hundreds of Social Security Disability and SSI claims and has the experience needed to help you be successful on your claim.  Hines Law Office, PLC, can assist you in obtaining well deserved compensation for your disability.


If you have suffered injuries, have debilitating impairments or illness or have mental health issues that prevent you from working give Hines Law Office, PLC, a call today.  Most of the work on the case can be handled by telephone and email.  Please call today at (276) 346-4350 or email at


Hines Law Office, PLC, handles Social Security Disability and Supplemental Income claims nationwide. 

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