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Hines Law office, PLC, has over 28 years of experience handling Virginia injury claims.  Personal Injury claims can be very complex, and Hines Law Office, PLC, is available to help you navigate through the maze of personal injury law. 


There are many ways a person can suffer injuries through the negligence of others.  The most common such injury is through an automobile accident.  But a person can also recover from injuries caused by: (1) slip and fall/fall downs on someone's premises (2) motorcycle, boat, train, bus and truck accidents (3) pedestrian accidents and (4) dog bites. 


In the most severe cases where death results from the negligence of others, Hines Law Office, PLC, handles wrongful death cases to protect the financial future of those left behind. 


It is important to remember that an injured person must file suit against the negligent party within two (2) years of the date of injury.  Failing to do so forfeits the injured person's ability to recover on their claim.  In most cases, the two (2) year Statute of limitations doesn't come into play as Hines Law Office, PLC, strives to get your case settled as soon as you have finished your medical treatment. 


Hines Law Office, PLC, has handled hundreds of Virginia personal injury claims and has the experience needed to help you be successful on your claim.  Hines Law Office, PLC, and assists you in obtaining compensation for pain and suffering, medical bills, wage loss, expenses, and compensation for permanent impairment. 


Hines Law Office, PLC, can also assist you on any Class Action lawsuit in which you might be a class member.  Examples of Class Action lawsuits Hines Law Office, PLC, has represented individuals on include: breast implant, hip implant, air bag, and hernia mesh cases.  


If you have been injured because of the negligence of others in the Southwest Virginia area, give Hines Law Office, PLC, a call today.  Most of the work on the case can be handled by telephone and email.  Please call today at (276) 346-4350 or email at

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